Thursday, March 22, 2012

Drum Roll Please... The Final Project

Two months ago we began working on our kitchen.
I'm amazed and grateful to God looking at these
before and after pictures.

We've had this nasty sheet up for four years and I
took great pleasure taking this whole thing out.
Now it's one of my favorite parts of this kitchen:


  1. wooohooo!! It looks amazing!! what a beautiful and SO useful space!! SO, so, SO happy for you all!! :)

  2. Looks BEAUTIFUL!! So happy for you guys!!

  3. WOW! IT IS INCREDIBLE!!! I'm sure you could still find someplace to hang the sheet in the new kitchen...window treatment?? =)

  4. WOW!! BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so happy you have such a beautiful kitchen. You are one of the most hospitable, generous people I know, and I'm so glad you have a wonderful kitchen to work from now.

  5. Oh my word, it looks AMAZING! I love that you can look out the window over the sink into the area that the kids are actually playing in, and that is SUCH a fun little eating nook! And yes, perfect family to put such care into a kitchen, when you host so constantly. Enjoy!