Saturday, July 14, 2012

Estes Cone

Our final hike was Eugenia Mine/Estes Cone.


On this hike, our plans evolved.  Mom, Machen, Demaree, and I
were going to climb Estes Cone (below),
while the four men would take the littles back.

This was a "mini" Longs Peak.  It's a tough hike
 (altitude is always tough)
and the last bit is actual climbing.
Demaree DID NOT like the heights
(despite her lovely smile in most of the pictures).
 It was a challenge for her but she rose to it and
 I was really proud of her and Machen finishing
something this challenging.


My Mom had done this hike the summer before 
and was an excellent tour guide and cheerleader.

The guys woke at 2am the next morning to climb Longs Peak.
For my dear husband, who is terrified of heights, this was 
a huge accomplishment.  It's a challenging hike and the last mile
is climbing... I was so proud of him!


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