Friday, July 13, 2012

Ypsilon/Chapin Hike

This hike was amazing for so many reasons.  The views were
spectacular.  The hiking was HARD for two reasons - lots of rocks
instead of actual hiking and the altitude.
We only hiked several miles but traveled 2000 miles UP. And we felt it.
We all hiked together and then my brothers and I went on to Ypsilon,
which is 13,000 feet, while the others hiked up Chapin( which is a mere 12,000 feet!).

Amelie had a pretty sweet ride... Uncle David took her up.

Charlie struggled on this hike - it was hard and he's learning
some endurance lessons.  John stayed with him as they traveled
slower than the rest of the crew...

My view from Ypsilon looking at everyone climbing Chapin.

I have great brothers - they went slower for me and still let me come!


The marmots were everywhere and Jonathan touched this guy's tail.

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